From the eye to the sheet


The body represented in its most varied forms and shades, a conceptual, harmonious nudism, often distant from the reality that surrounds it, etherodisincantato, others perfectly contextualized in the historical moment, actualized in the chronological pain of our days.

A young look but a skilful hand, that of the artist, who portrays a heroic sensuality in its wavy and charismatic forms.

Heroic not by chance, but heroic because unconsciously erected as a champion of beauty, understood in its most universal meaning. Beauty that contrasts the ugliness of the world, art to annihilate the tears and the blood of those who struggle and lose, of those who fall and get up again, of those who in spite of themselves experience tragedies that they cannot oppose or avoid.

If "Beauty will save the world" as Dostoevsky wrote, in Giovanni Giunta we find a small albeit large soldier, from an army of talented artists, who fight and win every day the battle of existential cynicism with harmonies, shapes and colors .