F I G U R A T I V E   P A I N T E R 


Giovanni Giunta was born in Formia, April 21, 1993. As a child he showed a particular fondness for drawing. The first work that attracted the attention of a very young Giovanni, was the "Girasoli" by Vincent Van Gogh. 
Local culture and traditions greatly influenced his style.

Of fundamental importance, during the adolescent and youthful period was the "Street Art", that is the idea of ​​being able to bring to the streets the art that before could relegate itself only to canvas and sheets, the urban expansion of the concept of art. Furthermore, thanks to various collaborations with local tattoo artists, he was able to further explore new styles and forms of graphic and artistic expression. Significant collaborations began in 2013 with the "Scoppiatici Colorandi", a group of artists born with the common desire to make everyone's art known, creating various events and exhibitions in the Gulf of Gaeta area. In 2014 he made his first solo show in Gaeta inside the tattoo studio "The other half" by Erenio Fasano and Federica De Lucia. The same year during multiple trips to Rome he met and attended the painter Claudio Torrente, who thanks to his experience and wisdom, allows Giovanni to expand his artistic and human baggage, so that the relationship of esteem is continuous and long-lasting between the two affection and mutual comparison. A few months after the end of the year 2014, Giovanni moves and settles in Florence where he has the opportunity to observe and study the works of the greatest masters of art in Italian history. For him, 2015 is a year of experimentation, in which the figurative style begins to prevail. Thus it becomes a wonderful and marvelous custom, to observe and study live in the "Loggia della Signoria" the great marble sculptures by Giambologna, Fedi, Cellini and various sculptures of Roman art to create realistic portraits. In 2016 he met and attended the French art collector Thierry Alain Garcià, who immediately appreciated Giovanni's painting style. On 19 April of the same year he exhibited his works in the collective show "Nu & Corps en mouvement" together with the photographs of the French photographer Mila Agnes, at "Le Loft" in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer by Thierry Alain Garcià. His stay in the Florentine province gave him the knowledge of Luigi Iona, an authentic and formidable talent, musician and songwriter. With which he performs in the historic alleys of Florence establishing a human and artistic bond that intoxicates and captures the attention of many and their colleagues. The combination of guitar and brushstrokes of oil colors have created multiple paintings on canvas that Giovanni then exhibited in his solo shows in Italy. The inspiration of the art created in the street opens up new scenarios for him, which have nothing new except for the fact that they are lived in first person. Ever since he was a child he has been kidnapped by the vivid and unique colors of the murals and graffiti of his province, touching on him the emotions that today he brings to life. His paintings take on abstract shapes and brushstrokes, triggering a harmonious combination with his figurative painting that has always distinguished him.
In 2018 he collaborates and participates in the project of the well-known DJ Cristian Orlandi "Einstein on the beach", in which many artists from the local scene and not like Andrea Masone, Gianluca Manfredonia and Ivan Franzini participated. During this project Giovanni creates oil paintings of important sizes and techniques such as "Soffio d'Aria", "Némesis", "Baratro" and "Liquefy".